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ILL Schedule for the Holiday Break

Due to the holidays and shipping madness of late December, ILL limits shipping during this time.  Interlibrary loan requests submitted to ILLiad after Dec. 16th will be ordered in early January. 

ILLiad article requests will continue to be filled by RapidILL* through Dec. 21st, but must have a valid ISSN and year to be processed a as Rapid request.

For loan materials use NExpress: http://go/NExpress.  NExpress will stay open throughout the break and requests placed in NExpress go straight to the Lending Library for processing.  Loans ordered from NExpress over break will likely arrive in early January.

Research Libraries, Publishers Stake Out Positions on International ILL

A battle is brewing between research libraries and an association of academic publishers over the right to engage in international interlibrary loans and document delivery, both well-established library practices.

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Middlebury joins the Center for Research Libraries

The library is pleased to announce that Middlebury College has just become a member of the Center For Research Libraries (CRL) (http://www.crl.edu/).  CRL is a partnership of over 240 university, college, and independent research libraries.  Continue reading

Interlibrary Loan Requests for Articles

Requesting articles we don’t own has gotten even easier. Instead of searching NExpress first, you now can go straight to ILLiad. ILLiad will check the collections of all libraries, including NExpress, and it will send most requests directly to the owning library with no mediation from us. You should receive your article in a few days.

TIP: To take advantage of this fast, direct connection to other libraries, be sure to include the journal’s ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) in your request.

Need a refresher on how to find articles? See Find Articles (shortcut: http://go.middlebury.edu/findarticles).

NExpress ArticleReach Ending, NExpress loans to continue.

By consensus of the NExpress Consortium, NExpress ArticleReach has been retired.  With all of the participating NExpress schools now using Rapid it was determined that we could provide the same service to our patrons while using one fewer system for processing requests.    All articles currently delivered to a My Midcat account will remain for the normal delivery period. 

NExpress service for loan materials will continue, but all article requests should now all be submitted into ILLiad for processing.  To take advantage of RapidILL processing, please include an ISSN in all article requests.

Please contact Rachel Manning:  rmanning@middlebury.edu with any questions about this change.

How-to: use Interlibrary Loan

First in an occasional series of posts from the archives of the LIS eNewsletter. November 2008

If we don’t have a book you want, we can get it for you quickly.  Through Interlibrary Loan, Middlebury College students, faculty, and staff can use books, journal articles, and other research materials owned by libraries across the country.  Here’s how to make an interlibrary loan request:

1)   Search for the item in the NExpress catalog (shortcut:  http://go.middlebury.edu/nexpress).  If you find the item there, click on the “Request” link and fill out the form.  Books should be delivered to the Main Library within a week, articles should be delivered to your email inbox within a few days.

2)    If your item is not available in NExpress, fill out the Illiad form (shortcut:  http://go.middlebury.edu/ill).  Books and articles should be delivered to the Main Library within a few weeks.


  • In MIDCAT and other databases, look for the blue “NExpress” button.   It’s a shortcut that searches NExpress for you.
  • In FirstSearch databases such as WorldCat, MLA and PsycInfo, try the button first.  If Middlebury does not own the item then you can request it from NExpress or traditional Interlibrary Loan (ILLiad).
  • Always try to order from NExpress first. Article requests that cannot be filled by NExpress are automatically forwarded to ILLiad for ILL processing.

LIS Acquires an ILL Digitization System

Submitted by Joe Toth

LIS has acquired from DLSG (http://www.dlsg.net/) a digitization system that will simplify and speed up interlibrary loan processing. It consists of a Bookeye 2 Color Planetary Scanner with overhead scan design and scan/print electronics that include auto-focus and book-fold correction to safeguard book bindings and to increase scanning efficiency. The scanner also has automatic centering and border removal, as well as text and photographic scan modes. The second component of the system is BSCAN ILL production capture software designed for interlibrary loan departments. It permits staff to scan, review, and rescan items very rapidly, while its image cleanup features provide optimum image quality. It also reads barcoded loan request sheets and automatically sends scanned articles to requestors through Ariel or ILLiad, a highly desired combining of processing steps will make ILL staffers smile! ILL will use the grayscale and color modes sparingly, as they produce files often too large for libraries to receive; however, since this refurbished machine cost less than a new black and white model with a smaller bed, we thought the additional size and features could be used to support in-house projects. The scanner has a 400 DPI maximum, as it is not the manufacturer’s newest model.