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Collection Management Goal #3: Withdraw PAO periodicals

Goal Statement

Complete online withdrawal and physical removal of bound periodical issues duplicated by PAO (Periodicals Archive Online) digital coverage.

Bound volumes are duplicated by digital coverage and take up valuable shelf space. Often shifting of volumes is required to accommodate new volumes, etc. These items are now rarely used as digital access is preferred.
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Collection Management Goal #1: Reorganize

Goal Statement

Collection Management has so far lost 4 staff (2 catalogers, 1 Media Coordinator, and 1 acquisitions) to the 1st round of ERP.  We have identified several changes in workflows and responsibilities that should help us maintain our core services.  We now need to implement these.
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Strategic Decisions (slides)

At last week’s LIS Strategic decisions, we presented the results of our strategic planning efforts, which are a set of four strategic areas that we have chosen to focus on. The a .pdf of the presentation can be found at http://sites.middlebury.edu/lis/files/2009/10/LIS-Strategic-decisions.pdf , while a longer document that goes into greater detail about the process can be found at http://docs.google.com/View?id=dcst5th3_2chx2w2gq .

Please feel free to ask questions, make comments, and add to this by way of the comments on this blog.

Our next leg in this journey will be to set goals around these areas, which we will be doing starting immediately.

– mike

Recommendations: Preparing a Document to Share

I started the LIS Website Recommendations document a few weeks ago, based on my personal views of the project and some of the discussions we have had early on during team meetings. I will commit to working later in this week to flesh this document out more with specific references to materials which support the changes it recommends. However, here are some framing questions we can use to think about these recommendations.

What sections of this document conflict with goals of the team?

What goals of the team are missing from this document?

What changes do we need to make to these recommendations based on the survey results?

What changes do we need to make to these recommendations based on other data sources?

What resources should we reference within this document to support the recommendations it proscribes?

Criteria: What do we need for a LIS website?

This is a place to coordinate discussion about the criteria we desire for the LIS site. We’ve created two sections in the wiki to store this information:

How can we combine these sections? Do we need to combine these sections?

What information from our own personal views are missing from these sections?

What information from our survey results is missing from these sections?

What information from the other analytics and analysis we’ve conducted is missing from these sections?

What information in these sections should be removed or is no longer applicable knowing what we know now?

How do these criteria allow us to meet our goals and achieve our vision?

Survey question ideas

These don’t really stand on their own, and they need to be revised for clarity, but I hope they’ll help us in our discussion, at least.


Your area:
Your workgroup:

1. How important is it for you to reach each of these audiences with your web content?
(Circle one):  Not at all important X X X X X Very important
(Circle one):  Not at all important X X X X X Very important
(Circle one):  Not at all important X X X X X Very important
(Circle one):  Not at all important X X X X X Very important
Prospective students:
(Circle one):  Not at all important X X X X X Very important
Other (Who:                      ):
(Circle one):  Not at all important X X X X X Very important

2. What is the most essential feature of your department that you want to convey most immediately on the web?  Share URLs of content on existing LIS site, if applicable.

3. What other features of your department do you want to convey on the web?  Share URLs of content on existing LIS site, if applicable.

4. Is there content from your department on the existing LIS web site that is outdated or irrelevant?  If so, please share URLs if possible.

5. If you add content to the current LIS web site, please tell us how easy you feel it is to add and update content.
(Circle one):  Not at all easy X X X X X Very easy

LIS Website Recommendations

We’ve really been making quick progress through the outline of the team structure, goals, criteria, etc. Soon we’ll be at the point to offer up recommendations and then decide on resource allocation. I spent a little time this afternoon drawing up an outline document for recommendations on each area of the scope we defined at the last meeting. In each part of the scope I put down recommendations based on the discussion we had at the last meeting of those areas (though we haven’t yet agreed/voted on anything) and in those we hadn’t discussed, just wrote up some off-hand thoughts. In no way do I mean that these are the thoughts and opinions of the team at this time, but I did want to flesh out a framework that we can discuss and revise, more so than just topic headings.

We can use this as a rough outline and solidify or reverse the recommendations once the team comes to a consensus on the specifics, as well as inject findings from the survey we’ll build out this week. This is probably ridiculously presumptuous of me to have even done, but I like to write out my thoughts rather than say them aloud and find that its often helpful for discussion to have a framework like this in place, even if everyone disagrees with me and we end up recommending the exact opposite of whatever I wrote.

I guess, in a way, this is my longish answer to Elin’s questions from the DIY Content Workbook draft, particularly the last four questions.