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LIS Website Team Update: UNA

This is an update on the LIS Website Team’s progress toward the User Needs Analysis (UNA) piece of our charge. Right now we’re sharing the results and suggested changes that emerged from the UNA with the LIS Content Managers for the 4 primary LIS Homepages (Curricular Technology, Helpdesk, Library, & LIS).

The UNA results were based on a handful of participants in focus groups and a relatively small number of responses to webpage pop-up surveys (particularly for certain web pages). We are now turning our focus to designing Usability testing (likely based on the format used by the original Website Team). We hope to achieve better participation for this phase of our assessment. We’ll wait to share the results of our UNA until Usability testing is complete and summarized, effectively sharing all the new LIS Website assessment data at once.

Gathering Feeedback – Surveys etc.

Thanks for a great brainstorming session yesterday, and for submitting survey questions ahead of the meeting. Thanks to Ian for pulling the survey together and for moderating the discussion.
A couple of thoughts:
I saw your comment, Carrie – and I would also be interested in surveying student employees. Can we include them in the LIS staff survey or do we need different questions? They would have much to offer us.

I also think that summer student employees would be a good focus group – what do others think?

In addition to surveys and focus groups (if we do them), are there other existing analytics or stats that could inform our work?