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Library Circulation has a trapped iPad!

If you borrowed and returned a library iPad in November and signed into your iCloud account using an account that starts with the letter “a” and end with @gmail.com, PLEASE contact the circulation desk so we can unlock this iPad and return it to the circulating pool! Contact dfrostma@middlebury.edu, call x5494, or stop by the circulation desk. Thanks!


Items that can leave the Library:

Calculators: These have a four hour loan rule and may be taken outside of the Library.

Mac VGA Adapters: These are found in the same drawer as the calculators and have a 4 hour loan rule.  These are typically checked out with LCD projectors and may be taken out of the Library.

LCD Projectors: These are kept in the equipment cabinet in room 208 and have a loan period of one day.  If a patron walks in without booking an LCD projector beforehand, be absolutely sure that the one you check out to them does not have a booking that day or the following day.  To do this search “LCD Projector” as a title in Search\Holds,  double click the record with the corresponding number appearing on the projector, and click on the bookings tab when in the Item Record.  If it has a booking the dates of the booking will appear in the record. Continue reading

For you to use: be your own DJ

From the archives of the LIS eNewsletter, November 2008

If you need equipment for an upcoming audio or recording project, stop by the Main, Armstrong, and Music Library Circulation Desks — we have a variety of options to choose from:

Digital Voice Recorders: Small and portable, these can be used to record a lecture, meeting, or interview; then simply plug it into a USB port on a computer to download or upload files. Lapel microphones are also available for use with these recorders for higher quality sound recording.

iPods and iTalks: You know all about iPods, but did you know they’re available to borrow from the library? And if you would like to do an audio recording on one of our iPods, or on your personal iPod, we have iTalks for that purpose as well. We also have higher memory iPods that can be used for video projects.

USB Microphones: Microphone on small stand with USB connection; great for anyone who needs to record audio.

WebCams: Perfect for webcasting and face-to-face video conferencing.

Headsets with microphones: Another option for voice recording, or for use with Skype.

Computer speakers: Plug into a PC, laptop, or iPod

Check out go/equipment for an overview of our most popular equipment, including information on reserving equipment, quick tips, links to user manuals, loan period guidelines, and MIDCAT availability.

Questions?  Please call the Main Library Circulation Desk at 443-5494.