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Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness – new on Project MUSE

Current content from the Journal of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness, a publication of the New England Educational Assessment Network, is newly available on Project MUSE. Topics explored in this journal include:

  • How do institutions learn about emerging trends in assessment?
  • What pressing questions do all institutions face when it comes to assessing the quality and effectiveness of student learning?
  •  What are the best practices in promoting institutional effectiveness in the educational enterprise?

As of today, you can find this journal by browsing go/journals, and soon you will be able to find it cataloged in Midcat, and article results when you search Summon. (And no need to alert the Office of Assessment and Planning about this – they’re already aware.)


ClimateWire and EnergyWire {two new trials}

Through April 5th, Middlebury College has access to two new publications about environmental and energy policy: ClimateWire and EnergyWire, both by Environment & Energy Publishing (E&E).

Solar panels from Self Reliance

Middlebury currently provides access to the following E&E publications:

Environment & Energy Daily, E&E Daily (A daily news service focused on environmental and energy issues in Congress)
Greenwire (Daily stories energy and environmental policy)
Land Letter (A weekly natural resources report)
E&ENews PM (A late afternoon roundup providing coverage of policy news around the country and the world)
E&ETV (Featuring in-depth interviews and analysis with energy and environmental policy leaders)

All of these publications are available through E&E’s website,  and on our New & Trial Resources page (go/trials).

Please send comments to Rebekah Irwin (rirwin@middlebury.edu) or your library liaison.

Digital microfilm for the Boston Globe, New York Times, Burlington Free Press

Middlebury College now has access to a selection of regional and national microfilmed newspapers with full graphics without the need of traditional microfilm equipment.


Visit Proquest Digital Microfilm or the New & Trial Resources Research Guide (go/newresources).

Currently, our access includes The Burlington Free Press (2010-forward), Boston Globe (Jan 2008-forward) and The New York Times, East Coast late edition (Jan 2008-forward).

Is this a dagger which I see before me? No, it’s online Shakespeare videos

Is this a dagger which I see before me? Macbeth (II, i, 33)

You can hear this famous line, among many others, in one of 37 new online Shakespeare plays now available to the Middlebury community. These full-length plays are based on newly restored master recordings and include closed-captioning. Performed originally by the BBC, the plays feature well-known British actors, including Alan Rickman, a.k.a. Professor Severus Snape. Here’s a short sample (from YouTube). Our full-length videos are here.

Nature Geoscience {new journal access}

Nature Geoscience is now available to the Middlebury College community.

Some of the topics covered in the journal include: Atmospheric science, Climate science,  Geoinformatics and remote sensing, Geomorphology, Glaciology, Hydrology and limnology, Mineralogy and mineral physics, Oceanography, Palaeoclimatology, Planetary science, Seismology, Space physics, Tectonics, and Volcanology.

Geoscience is best accessed through the journal’s website, where you can sign up for email alerts and view tables of contents from recent issues.  Its contents are easy to search in GeoRef, the major research database for the geosciences.

Be sure to bookmark the full url for off-campus access:

Geoscience will also be available through MIDCAT,  the Journals A-Z list, and Summon*.

*At this time, full-text indexing of Geoscience is not available through Summon. 

Current Digest of the Chinese Press

Starting this month, the Middlebury College Libraries are providing access to The Current Digest of the Chinese Press, a collection of translated articles from key Chinese newspapers related to politics, international relations, security, economics, business, public health, environment, education, culture and more.

Map available at http://english.gov.cn/

Link directly to The Current Digest of the Chinese Press or explore this and other new library collections on our New & Trial Resources page.

Ecotone {new literary journal}

Starting with the fall 2011 issue, Middlebury now has access to Ecotone, a newly distinguished literary magazine published at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. Writings from Ecotone have been reprinted in Best American Short Stories, Best American Essays, Best American Poetry, Best American Science and Nature Writing, PEN / O. Henry Prize Stories, and The Pushcart Prize. Ecotone:

seeks to reimagine place. Each issue brings together the literary and the scientific, the personal and the biological, the urban and the rural. An ecotone is a transition zone between two adjacent ecological communities, containing the characteristic species of each. It is therefore a place of danger or opportunity, a testing ground. We embrace and celebrate these ecotones by breaking out of the pen of the purely literary and wandering freely among the disciplines.


Now available through Project Muse. Visit Ecotone’s website to see past archives.

“Premium content” of all kinds from the Chronicle

The Middlebury community has access to the Chronicle of Higher Education in print, located in the Harman Periodical Reading Room and online, via a range of full-text databases, like Proquest, among others but also directly through the Chronicle’s website. All Middlebury users can access the “Premium Content” indicated by the gold-key icon:So, why is there a “Log in” link in the upper right corner of the Chronicle of Higher Education site?

You may “Create a Free Account” to:

  • subscribe to the Chronicle’s free e-newsletters,
  • post comments,
  • e-mail Chronicle content,
  • save job searches

Summing up, you do not need to log in to access the Chronicle’s premium content, but you may want to create your own free account to take advantage of other features.