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Capture Quick Start

The Curricular Technology team is working on the figuring out how to document technology, no small task…  We are all in agreement that it would be good to have some sort of “quick start” documentation that provides people with the basics to get started with a given tool or a given task/objective.  Below is a screencast of a “quick start” demo I did for how to capture.

See: Capture > Presentation > How to do it.

This screencast is definitely too long for a quick start, but the idea of using a screencast in conjunction with step-by-step instructions for quick start documentation is appealing.  For other examples of screencast quick starts and/or overviews see:
Using audio/video from MiddMedia in WordPress
Segue > Step-by-Step Instructions > Adding Text and Images

Alas these screencasts are a lot of work and am not sure how effective they are or how they can be improved…  Though I think generally they should be as short as possible.