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Friday links – April 27, 2012

User experience is not enough – UX designer Whitney Hess. Respect, trust, and support your colleagues or all the super design work is for naught. Adding this to a collection of resources in the LIS Wiki on customer service & feedback (resources are from the all-LIS open meeting/Liaison discussion section last Thursday. Check it out at go/custserv)

Is Siri Smarter than Google?  – We are now on the brink of having access to a powerful new tool that will do much of the search and sorting work for us; with far more intelligence and personalization that we have had in the past. Very soon you will find yourself using, on a daily basis, an emerging new technology called an ultra-intelligent electronic agent (UIEA).

Am I Obsolete?

While I was doing research for customer service for our student workers, I came across this great article.  The article’s author, Mark P. Bernstein, states that “Service (customer service) is what will allow libraries to not only survive, but thrive.”   This is something that I always thought was important.   I feel that having a good professional and human relationship with our patrons (customers) promotes  this “thriving”.  If you think about it…we at Middlebury College LIS have build these relationships, some of them for 25 years or more.   I believe one of LIS strengths is customer service and there is always room to improve or build those already established bonds.