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Categories and Tags

Blog categories and tags: what they mean and when to use them

Categories = Audience

Tags = Description

LIS Website Team confession: As a team we’ve struggled with a way to articulate to everyone how and why we structured the categories on this blog in the way that we did, and how we intend categories and tags to be used. Hopefully this explanation will provide a useful distinction between the two, and give both post authors and blog readers guidance for how to use them.

Categories (Select your audience)

Use a category to reach an audience (or several).

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Blog categories

Should we change the blog categories in any way? Should “*The Essentials” remain the default?

Rational – it can be confusing to use the current categories. See what is categorized currently as essential and what is not.

Some suggestions:

1) *The Essentials is not needed. All readers should subscribe to the whole blog and pick what they’re interested in cp. reading sections of newspapers or subscribing to any other blog.

2) or should the default category just be changed to “Areas and Workgroups” i.e. LIS centric with action required to categorize as “*The Essentials”

3) and/or should “*The Essentials” be renamed “*The Essentials (all campus)”

The One and Only – All Things LIS Blog

Voted yes on the one-blog readiness; will discuss how to launch at our next meeting.
Current categories listed below. Any change before we move ahead?

External Audience – term used TBD by vote by Fri 9/18 at 5 pm

Areas and Workgroups – use name of area as the category and use functions of the work area as tags (audience is mostly internal)

* Academic Consulting Services – research support, instruction, liaison
* Collection Management – aquire, catalog, preserve, maintain resources
* Enterprise Technology & Infrastructure – programming, systems, reporting, network
* LIS Administration – budget, planing, policy, assessment, strategy
* User Services – technology help and support, borrowing and lending, computing support, computing labs, media and event support

* Middlebury
* Language Schools
* Schools Abroad
* Bread Loaf School of English
* Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference

* Area Directors
* Curricular Technology
* Digitization
* LIS Website