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LIS Collection Management has a new name!

With the merger of Collection Management and portions of Academic Consulting Services, it became clear that the area needed a new name to reflect its expanded scope.

I’m therefore pleased to announce that the name for this area is now Research and Collection Services (RCS). While many portions of the website still reflect the old names — and it will take a while before we’ve eradicated all remnants of Collection Management/Academic Consulting Services from the website, email distribution lists, HR/Banner information, etc. — please consider the name to be effective immediately.  We’ll try to get the changes made expeditiously.

As a reminder, RCS includes:

  • Reference and Instruction Librarians
  • Special Collections
  • Vt. Collection
  • Government Documents
  • Inter-library Loan
  • Cataloging/Acquisitions/Serials
  • Preservation & Processing
  • Collection Development

For Catalogers: Changes to the Millennium load table

Before the holiday break, I met with Mike L. to see if about changing the Millennium load table to strip out some annoying extraneous MARC fields when records are imported from OCLC via Connexion. He was able to change the following:

*       050/090: no more duplicates when importing from OCLC
*       082: stripped out
*       440: change to 490/830
*       653: stripped out

We tried to figure out why the relator codes $4 in the 1xx & 7xx fields were still remaining in music (mostly), but couldn’t see where the problem lies. Jess & Terry will keep an eye out for when these appear in music bib records.