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State of the Site


What follows is a report on the state of notable web applications and sites in use at Middlebury including the College website, the Middlebury instance of WordPress (i.e. sites.middlebury.edu) and a variety of key web applications that provide services widely used by faculty, students and staff. Continue reading

WordPress Upgrade to Single Sign-On, scheduled for Sunday downtime on the 17th


During Sunday morning downtime on the 17th, we will be adding WordPress, sites.middlebury.edu, to our list of platforms that use our single sign-on system.


We have been slowly been moving our web applications in this direction, allowing members of our community to have access to our online programs with only one login. Currently, MIDDMedia, Mediawiki, and the (soon to be) new college web site all use this single sign-on system.


Normally we would wait until the time between the semesters. Some of our users have had problems logging onto their blogs however, and we believe this will clear up many of the issues they are experiencing.


We do not anticipate a change in experience for people who visit and read your blogs.

The biggest change will occur when you log into your blog. When you click on a link to log in, you will be brought to the single sign-on page. Those of you who have used MIDDMedia, Mediawiki and Drupal will be familiar with this page.

There will also be changes to the way you add Users to your blog. On the ADD USER page in your dashboard, you will be able to search for any individual by NAME or USERNAME. Start typing, and a list of options will appear for you to select from.

Also, you will be able to import groups of people into your blog by searching for the group name. This can be a class, email or web data group.

**NOTE – Using the group feature WILL NOT SYNC YOUR BLOG WITH THE GROUP MEMBERSHIP! Changing the membership of the class or web data group, for example, will not change the users in your blog. You must add new group members as individuals or by importing the group again.

Also, please be careful when importing large groups. There is no UNDO feature, you will have to remove people a few at a time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we look forward to assisting you with the upgraded WordPress platform.