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Faculty Innovators Tell Us What They Need

Our first priority with the Segue from Segue project is to make sure there are technology solutions available to meet the needs of as many faculty, students and staff as possible. That said, we would like to also be able to support innovative uses of technology, particularly those innovations that may eventually be useful to the broader community.

To this end, the Curricular Technology team invited a number of faculty who are innovators to show us how they have been using technology and tell us what they need.  Faculty who participated included Jeff Byers (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Hector Vila (CTLR), Enrique Garcia (Spanish), Hope Tucker (Film and Media Culture) and Roberto Veguez (Spanish).  A number of academic liaisons also participated in this session.  To learn more about what these faculty have been doing, see:

Segue from Segue » Presentations by Faculty Innovators

If you missed September’s LISterine workshop…

Watch it online! Capture:  What it is and Why It’s Cool (video)

LISterine Workshops: LIS Technology, Endeavors, and Resources in Need of Explanation:  Cool and refreshing! Cleans and protects against boredom and stagnation! This workshop series gives LIS a firsthand look at trends, tools and techniques that influence our work.  Read more about these workshops. Want to present a workshop? Want someone else to present? Vote for it in the LISterine Feedback Forum!

Capture Quick Start

The Curricular Technology team is working on the figuring out how to document technology, no small task…  We are all in agreement that it would be good to have some sort of “quick start” documentation that provides people with the basics to get started with a given tool or a given task/objective.  Below is a screencast of a “quick start” demo I did for how to capture.

See: Capture > Presentation > How to do it.

This screencast is definitely too long for a quick start, but the idea of using a screencast in conjunction with step-by-step instructions for quick start documentation is appealing.  For other examples of screencast quick starts and/or overviews see:
Using audio/video from MiddMedia in WordPress
Segue > Step-by-Step Instructions > Adding Text and Images

Alas these screencasts are a lot of work and am not sure how effective they are or how they can be improved…  Though I think generally they should be as short as possible.

Research: Web-based capture

What technologies are available for web-based capture.  By this I mean tools for recording audio and/or video from a web browser.  Ideally, such tools would be widgets that can be embedded in any web page or any content management systems via a plugin or module.

It used to be that Horizon Wimba was only reliable way to do this and even this solution was fraught with bugs.  More recently the Adobe Flash Media Server (for which we have a license) and its open source counterpart Red5 have the capability to handle media streams from a browser.  Pioneering work with these flash technologies for capture include Michegan State University’s ViewPoint and UOC’s LANGblog plugins for WordPress.

I’ve downloaded LANGblog and have set up on our development server, but need help from ETI folks like Adam or Ian to configure to use our FMS…