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MIIS Faculty Authors Collection

Submitted by Peter Liu, MIIS

As a part of ongoing process of integration into the Middlebury College Libraries, we’ll have a new MIIS Faculty Authors Collection debuting during the National Library Week: April 12 – 18. It’s the collection in development similar to the MIDD Faculty Authors practice. Here is the link to the MIIS Faculty Authors master list in PDF as of April 9, 2009:


Innovative demo of Encore, a next-gen web catalog and more

Submitted by Mike Lynch

On Wednesday, April 15th Barbara Herzog from Innovtive will be here to give a demo of their Encore product.  The demo will take place in LIB 145 at 10:00 a.m.  We saw a demo of this product some time ago but it has evolved a good bit since then.

This is just one of several products we are looking at which will enhance discovery of the resources we have to offer.

Library Hours – End of Term – May 2009

Submitted by Elin Waagen

LIS is pleased to announce that we will once again be offering 24/7 services at the Main Library during the last week of classes and the exam period May 4 – 18.
The Music Library will maintain regular semester hours during this period.
The Armstrong Library will extend hours during exam weekend 5/15-17.
Library Hours.

New Workshop Series

Submitted by Bryan Carson and Carrie Macfarlane

LISterine Workshops: LIS Technology, Endeavors, and Resources in Need of Explanation

Cool and refreshing! Cleans and protects against boredom and stagnation! Introducing a new monthly workshop series to give us a firsthand look at trends, tools and techniques that influence our work. [Read more about these workshops.]

The inaugural LISterine Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, April 15, from 9-10:30 in Library 105. Hans Raum will demonstrate online and print government information resources. In May, Digital Media Tutors Jue Yang and Jack Cuneo will show us mapping technologies. Watch your inbox for invitations.

Want to present a workshop? Want someone else to present? Tell us!

Dude, where’s my Tigercat and Snowleopard?

Submitted by Mike Lynch

If you attended Carol’s budget meeting on Tuesday, you already know there are plans afoot to migrate away from Novell’s Netware to Microsoft Windows DFS (Distributed File System) for networked access to files.  Many more details will be available shortly but this post will serve as a heads-up.

To test the new system we will migrate all of the LIS/ITS files from Snowleopard, as well as all personal files for LIS staff from Tigercat (drive U:) to DFS on Thursday night, April 9th.  When you log in Friday morning you will be asked if you want to uninstall Novell — you should answer yes to this question.

As noted, more details will be available soon.  Meanwhile, please post any questions as comments to this post so everyone can see the answers.

Purchasing materials for Mills/Middlebury language program

Submitted by Bill Warren

We have recently started purchasing materials for the new Middlebury summer-language program at Mills College, which will start this year. Courses will be offered in Arabic (all levels), and French, Italian, and Spanish (lower levels). The items we buy will be received and paid for here. Then, after cataloging and processing, they will be shipped to Mills (in Oakland, California). Fortunately, the money to pay for these resources is not coming from the library materials budget, which has suffered a reduction of almost 6% this year because of the lamentable state of the economy. The necessary funds—a relatively modest amount, since lower-level language courses tend not to be very library-intensive—are being furnished by the language-schools administration. Thanks to colleagues in the language schools and the financial offices, we have received the necessary authorizations to directly expend money from the budget lines involved, rather than having to resort to cumbersome internal transfers of funds from one budget to another for each purchase. About 10% of the money allocated has been committed so far.

Middlebury College featured in Fortune magazine

Middlebury College is featured in the April 27 issue of Fortune magazine in an article that appeared today online titled “Hard times on campus: Even elite colleges can’t escape the impact of the economic slump. Here’s how one New England school is working to stay on top in the face of a smaller endowment, needier students, and the bursting of the higher-ed bubble.”
The article includes several photographs and quotes from President Liebowitz, Vice President for Administration and Treasurer Patrick Norton, Senior Director of Student Financial Services Kim Downs and Dean of Admissions Bob Clagett.