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Sciences Advisory Group – Meeting Notes

The Sciences Faculty Advisory Group met in May.  Notes are here:  Sciences Advisory Group – Notes from Spring 2010 Meeting.

The agenda for this meeting was:
1.  Update on Segue replacement – 10 min. [Alex Chapin]
2.  Other updates – 5 min. [Carrie — and anyone else]
3.  Review draft goals for research skills program – 15 min. [Carrie]
4.  What impact has the new student printing system had on your classes? – 10 min. [Carrie]

LIS Faculty Divisional Advisory Group Meetings

Submitted by Brenda Ellis
The new LIS Faculty Divisional Advisory Groups have begun to meet.  These groups meet once or twice a semester to provide advice, feedback, and guidance to LIS. The groups are organized by academic disciplines.  The Social Science Advisory Group met on February 23rd and the notes have been posted.  The agenda included a review of the departmental technology assessments and suggestions for future meeting topics. For more information on the groups and to see the notes as they are posted, see the LIS Advisory Group blog http://sites.middlebury.edu/lisadvisors/