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Open Source ILS Koha and Evergreen “Sand Boxes”

Submitted by Peter Liu, MIIS

Open Source integrated Library Systems (ILS) of Koha and Evergreen are rapidly gaining popularity in the public and academic library community around the country. As a result, the Pacific Library Partnership (PLP), which MIIS Library is a member, has set up “sand boxes” for member library staff to play with. Here is the URL:

Staff who interested in Koha and Evergreen ILS will be able to log in and explore the software hands-on. The site has log in information for circulation staff (Koha and Evergreen), cataloging staff (Evergreen) and patrons (Koha and Evergreen).

With a new relationship to their open source ILS, library staff at all levels can participate actively in making the online library experience better for staff and customers alike.

MIIS Library Acquisitions & Serials Update

Submitted by Peter Liu

As part of the ongoing integration process with Middlebury, we have been looking at our respective internal work flows in technical services where need to be aligned.  

Since the fall of 2008, the MIIS Acquisitions Librarian, Erika Johnson (, has been using Blackwell and its Collection Manager as one of  the primary book vendors.  As a result, a majority of our recent book orders have being placed via Blackwell Library Services.

Beginning with the Spring 2009 semester, Erika  is also handling all of our serials responsibilities.  In addition to overseeing the purchasing, cancellation, invoicing, receipt, processing, and shelving of print periodicals and journals (including check-in, claiming, and binding), she now also manages the authentication, activation and maintenance of access to electronic journals through EBSCO’s A-to-Z list and electronic journals service (EJS).