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Goodbye Stewart Lane!

Stewart Lane is retiring on June 14th, after 25+ years of service!
Stewart has been the real embodiment of a Media Services and ITS staff. Courteous, expedient and willing to take on any task, from helping a faculty with their laptop in a classroom, to screening Hirschfield films on late nights, to running a video camera, to supervising our students, to redesigning a classroom and programming lighting systems. He’s been a real go-getter, with a can-do attitude! I can’t count the emails and other positive feedback that I’ve received for him from customers over the years.

Stewart would like to thank Norm Cushman and Bryan Merril for giving him a job and a chance to become part of Middlebury back in the 90s.

We will miss you dearly Stewart, especially your dedication to work, as well as your cheer and lightheartedness.

A tip of the hat to Stewart!

Some of the kind words of thanks that Stewart has received over the years:

  • …phenomenal! #epic…
  • Thank you for your swift and diligent support. This was an excellent service provided.
  • “…incredible effort you have put in to get ready for this year’s Fest. There are so many fabulous films that are screening at Dana…”
  • It’s been great working with you over the years…
  • Many thanks for the timely save yesterday–I’m glad you and Jen remained unflappable.
  • took a lot of pressure off of my shoulders.
  • terrific
  • We’re very fortunate here to get such personal attention from you and other Support staff!!
  • thank you for your help and patience
  • thank you again very much for going above and beyond the call of duty
    heartfelt thanks to you
  • It’s a pleasure to work with such professional and capable colleague
  • thank you for saving me last week with that screening
  • Thank you SO much for being patient with the laptop and us, non-techies.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Stewart Lane!

  1. Judy Olinick

    I’d like to add my sincere appreciation to the eloquent expressions of gratitude above. Warmest thanks, Stewart, for the many times you came to my aid with great efficiency, expertise, friendliness and patience. Wishing you wonderful times ahead!

  2. Paula Schwartz

    Dear Stewart,

    I am so sorry to learn that you are leaving the College. Thank you for all your help over the years, including those last-minute trips to the Chateau to help panicked faculty resolve IT issues large and small. Even if I don’t see much of you, it was good just knowing you were there. I wish you all the best and hope you get to catch up on the fun stuff now!

  3. Louisa Burnham

    Dear Stewart,

    The college will miss you very much, and so will I! I have always felt like you have my back :)

    Best wishes for a very happy retirement,


  4. Donna McDurfee

    Thanks for all the good conversations we have had over the years Stewart. Enjoy your retirement!

  5. Martin Beatty

    To one of Middlebury College’s best all time javelin throwers. Take care Stewart. I’ll miss not having you at the college. Thanks for everything.

  6. Catharine Wright

    Stewart, so sad you are leaving! You brought such great energy to the library and your job…will totally miss your presence on campus!

    On an unrelated note, I just found this blog when looking for your email address to give you news about a family member. Can you send me an email so I can reach you with this news?


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