Library 105 Technology Upgrades

Library 105 underwent a technology upgrade over the holiday recess — both the video conferencing and control systems were upgraded.  The new system retains all pre-existing functionality but now has a simplified design and auto-tracking cameras in both the front and rear of the room.  The auto-tracking works based on a combination of beam forming microphones and facial recognition technology.  For more information on Cisco SX80 video endpoints and presenter tracking technology, please visit Cisco’s site.

The room is easy to use for both local presentations and video conferencing meetings.  Quick-start instructions for common use cases will be posted on the wall near the telephone.  If you have questions about the room, please submit a Helpdesk ticket at or contact the Helpdesk @ ext. 2200 or


1 thought on “Library 105 Technology Upgrades

  1. Brenda

    facial recognition?? Is this info stored by Cisco for each individual or is it just temporary and non-specific to simply recognize “a human” face as opposed to a specific human. I followed the Cisco link you provide, but it doesn’t say.


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