Weekly Web Updates – November 19, 2018


    • Drupal config_filter 8.x-1.4
    • Drupal file_entity 7.x-2.25
    • WordPress akismet plugin 4.1
    • WordPress dropdown-menu-widget plugin 1.9.7
    • WordPress redirection plugin 3.6.3
    • WordPress social-icons-widget-by-wpzoom plugin 3.0.12
    • WordPress the-events-calendar plugin 4.6.26
    • WordPress hemingway theme 1.68

Fixes and Tweaks

  • Changed the info page for GO shortcuts to require you to log in before reporting a shortcut as inappropriate to cut down on spam. Removed the reCAPTCHA widget from this page.
  • Added a Basic Content type to the Service Catalog which is editable by Site Admins.
  • The number of past years of courses shown in lists in Drupal 8 is now configurable.
  • Updated the Offices and Services site to show the name of the office in the header and take the title of the office homepage from the content assigned as the front page of the office, rather than the office name itself.
  • Added a menu system to the CTEC program on the Institute site.
  • Added a video the School of the Environment homepage layout.

Ongoing Work

  • Fixes and tweaks for the new Institute site https://www.middlebury.edu/institute/
  • Creating a new “Offices” site for institution-wide anchor functions.
  • Upgrading applications to run on PHP 7.1.
  • Upgrading the Drupal sites for the Davis programs, Dining Menus, and Museum of Art to Drupal 8.
  • Providing O365 Groups to classes via the Course Hub.

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