Weekly Web Updates – May 7, 2018

Changes to the Google Maps API Licensing

Google has announced that after June 11 they will require additional verification and possibly cost for using the Google Maps API. If you signed up for an API key you should have received an email with information about this change. We recommend moving to the OpenStreetMap (OSM) plugin in our WordPress environment.

If you are using the Google Maps API and will need it to continue working after June 11, please contact us with the URL of the site where you’re using it.

Uploading Large Images to WordPress

We’ve recently received reports from several people having trouble uploading large images to our WordPress sites. If your image is larger than 4500×4500 pixels in dimension, our WordPress sites may not be able to generate a thumbnail of it with the resource limits we allow. The image will still appear in your media library and can be used in posts, but some features may not work without a thumbnail, like image gallery plugins.

After the end of the current semester, we’ll be working on some performance improvements to WordPress that may allow us to increase the resources available. Until then, we recommend resizing your image to less than 4500×4500 pixels in dimension before uploading it to WordPress.


These updates were applied in development, put are waiting until Thursday, May 10 for a database update to be applied to production.

Fixes and Tweaks

  • MediaWiki was moved to a new server with PHP 7.1 installed.
  • SiteImprove had trouble crawling our site on Tuesday, April 17 and has had intermittent crawling since then. We’ve worked with them to increase their crawl rate and fix issues. SiteImprove reports should be going out as normal now.
  • We’ve fixed a glitch that was preventing course groups in the Course Hubs from updating from Banner so add/drops should be flowing through to the Hubs again.
  • Added CAS support for PeopleGrove.

Ongoing Work

  • Fixes and tweaks for the new Institute site https://www.middlebury.edu/institute/
  • Upgrading applications to run on PHP 7.1.
  • Upgrading the Drupal sites for the Davis programs, Dining Menus, and Museum of Art to Drupal 8.
  • Upgrading CAS to 5.2.3

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