New Polycom Unit in Library 145

The older Polycom HDX unit in Library 145 has reached End of Life as defined by Polycom, and, after noticing a few minor issues, we’ve decided to replace it with a newer Group Series 500 unit.  Functionally, there are very few differences — users can still dial the same numbers and can use the same virtual meeting room, 710145, when using Library 145, and the microphones and camera haven’t changed.

What’s new:

  • New remote control — it’s much shinier and has fewer buttons.  Take a look here.
  • New user-interface — same functionality, different design.
  • Content sharing is automatic — to share content, place your call and then connect the HDMI cable to your computer.  Content will automatically be displayed.

If you have questions about using the new technology in the space, please feel free to check it out or send an email to  The in room instructions will be updated to reflect the changes.


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