Weekly Web Updates – November 28, 2016

You can now set whether your Drupal Webform resends emails when a submission is updated. Some webforms are set up to allow submitters to continue to revise their submitted information and the webform administrator may want to be informed when this occurs. To set this, edit the webform, click “Webform” in the header, then “Form settings”, and check the “Re-send emails on update” checkbox.

Email lists in MyEmma, such as MiddNews, are now automatically populated from lists in Banner each week, ensuring that new members of our community are kept up-to-date on communications. If you choose to unsubscribe from messages, this preference will not be changed by the weekly sync process.


Fixes and Tweaks

  • Corrected a typo in the Middlebury site footer which listed the email address for Admissions incorrectly.
  • iCal feeds from the Dining menus site now include the proper start time of each meal, converted to UTC time.
  • The Scholar and Student content types on the Davis UWC site now have first and last name fields which can be used to sort the lists of students, rather than the combined name title field which did not allow sorting by last name.
  • The default year for students on the Davis UWC site was changed from 2019 to 2020.

Ongoing Work

  • A small redesign of the Middlebury News Room to bring it more inline with the newsletter.
  • Building out the configuration of our CAS, GO, MediaWiki, and Course Catalog servers in Chef, which is a configuration management system. We have already completed this work for our Drupal and WordPress environments.
  • Upgrading the Drupal sites for the Davis programs, Dining Menus, and Museum of Art to Drupal 8.
  • Providing Course Hub access for Schools Abroad courses.

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