Web Workgroup Updates – September 14, 2015

We’ll begin with a couple of notices about browser compatibility. First, while we try to support every major browser, a reminder that editing in Drupal with Internet Explorer (including version 11) is not supported at this time due to an issue with the pop-up window used to add images. If you notice any issues viewing the Drupal site in IE 11, or in any of our other systems, please let us know.

Next, many people using Chrome 45 have noticed an issue with the admin menu. Here are instructions on disabling a Chrome feature that is causing the problem. This is anticipated to be resolved in Chrome 47.

New Features

On pages with multiple Google Calendars you can now link to a specific calendar by adding “#1” to the end of the URL, using the number of the calendar in the dropdown list, starting with zero, that you want to select. For example, to get the Helpdesk Hours on the Library Hours page, you can go to http://www.middlebury.edu/academics/lib/visitors/hours#3 since “#0” is Davis Family Library, “#1” is Armstrong Library, “#2” is Special Collections, and “#3” is the Helpdesk.

There is a new version of Monster Menus available. We have not applied this to the live site yet, and likely won’t during September. We want to test to ensure that there aren’t any issues that would impact our live sites, especially the Course Hub during the first weeks of classes. There are some interesting features in this version:

  • Recycle bins have changed substantially, with regard to what happens when a single node is displayed on more than one page:
    • Nodes are removed (or moved to the recycle bin) only from the current page. If recycle bins are being used, there is a new option to remove the node from all pages at once. Emptying a bin containing a node that appears on other pages does not permanently delete the node from pages outside of the bin.
    • When a page is moved to the recycle bin, and a node from it also appears on a page not being deleted, it remains visible on the page outside the bin. If the page is permanently deleted, the node remains intact.
  • Automatically clear specific Drupal anonymous page cache entries whenever a page or node is updated, so that anonymous users don’t see stale content. It can also clear Varnish’s cache, if used, under the same circumstances. This eliminates the 5 minute wait after you update content, in most circumstances.


Tweaks and Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with the “Site Banner” images on department and office sites. By default, the images in raw File Upload nodes link to the image file. For File Uploads placed in Site Banners, we overrode this so that they would link to the department homepage. However, if you entered a custom URL in the File Upload that the banner should go to instead of the department homepage, this did not get consistently applied. Your custom URL values will now override both built-in link URLs.
  • The Category Sticky Posts plugin in WordPress failed to load one of its dependencies, which caused other site features to break. There should no longer be any conflicts when using this plugin.
  • Some of the “Add User” links in the WordPress admin interface took you to the internal WordPress “Add User” page, rather than the custom one we set up to ensure that the user accounts are added from our directory so we can use our Central Authentication Service. any internal WordPress users created this way wouldn’t be able to log in. All of the links now go to the correct form.

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