Weekly Web Updates – August 3, 2015


New Documentation

Fixes & Tweaks

  • The Middlebury Drupal site and both the Middlebury and MIIS WordPress sites are now using Google Tag Manager to load the Google Analytics tracking code, rather than loading it directly. This change will continue to be rolled out to all of our services. WordPress sites we host that do not use the middlebury.edu or miis.edu domains can continue to load the Google Analytics tracking code in the old fashion.
  • We have fixed and improved the check that determines whether a region of the Drupal page is empty and you will no longer see empty carousels or quick links areas.
  • The WordPress Video Plugin, which is automatically enabled on all sites, now uses the Jetpack plugin’s method of generating the shortcode for SlideShare embeds as its own method is no longer supported by SlideShare.
  • The WordPress Sticky Front Page Categories and Tags plugin is now compatible with sites using a static front page.
  • Clicks on Drupal FAQ titles, which expand and contract the FAQ text, are now tracked using a custom event in Google Analytics. These can be found under Event Category “Drupal”, Event Action “Click”, Event Label “FAQ”.
  • The last 25% of stories on the Middlebury homepage were being excluded due to an error in the boolean logic that reduces the number of stories shown on the homepage to Internet Explorer 7 users by 50%. Everyone except IE 7 users will now see all the stories which have been selected for the homepage.

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