Weekly Web Updates – July 13, 2015

New Features

We have added the FlatOn theme to the themes available on our WordPress sites.


Tweaks and Fixes

  • Searching by “Last Name” on the Directory will now include results from anyone whose last name contains your search query. Previously it only included people whose last name started with your search query. This made it somewhat difficult to search for people with “de” in their last name, hyphenated names, or multiple last names.
  • The “department” field for each person in Banner is a single line of text. For people working in multiple departments, their “department” will be “Dept A / Dept B”. When you search by department in the Directory, we include the people who work in multiple departments in the results. If a department was comprised of only people who worked in multiple departments, that department was not being shown in the list. They now are.
  • Accessibility: presentational attributes like ‘border’ shouldn’t be used on HTML elements, but rather specified using CSS. This is already how we handle many elements, but the site code would add a redundant “border=0” to every image. We have removed this. Borders can still be specified on images using the Edit Image button in the editor, which adds a CSS style to the image.
  • We have disabled some of the components of the WordPress Jetpack plugin that may cause conflicts with our sites. These include: Custom Content Types, Gravatar Hovercards, Single Sign On, Site Management, Mobile Theme, Notifications, Photon, Post by Email, Protect, Videopress, Vaultpress.
  • The image slider on the Davis UWC Scholars site will rotate through its features faster.

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