Friday Links – Novmeber 1, 2013

The Middlebury Campus has a feature on Special Collections in this week’s issue.

WordPress 3.8 Dashboard and Admin Interface designs. We’re currently on 3.7 and the 3.8 release is targeted for December. Follow along with WordPress core development updates.

Firefox 25 released.

The PewInternet 2013 Photo & Video survey shows 43% of 18-29 year old cellphone owners use Instagram.

A Look into Facebook’s Potential to Recognize any Face.

Something scary for the day after Hallowe’en? “Silicon Valley’s ‘hit list,’ [Srinivasan] argued, had already knocked off newspapers and the music industry. Next up: ‘We’re going after advertising, television, book publishing.’ Higher education ‘is next in the gunsights.’ “

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