Short video – How to use the touch panel in a classroom

More than half of our classrooms have been standardized on one type of touch panel (Extron). By the end of the upcoming academic year, close to three quarters will have the same type of touch panel.

We’ve put together a short video on how to use this type of touch panel in a classroom:

The video shows the touch panel from Davis Library room 140, but other than the room name, the layout is the same across our other classrooms of this type (Extron).

Any questions or feedback are welcome!


2 thoughts on “Short video – How to use the touch panel in a classroom

    1. Petar Mitrevski Post author

      Hi Brenda,

      In the vast majority of cases, it does not matter whether the computer is on or off. If there is a problem projecting from a computer:
      – press Fn+F8 (for computers with XP)
      – press Windows+P (for computers with Windows 7)
      – On Macs: From the Apple () menu, choose System Preferences. Click on Displays and under the Arrangement tab select Mirror Displays.

      More info is available at go/projection

      Hope this helps.


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