Friday links – August 9, 2013

Web Content

Firefox 23 Released: Features a network traffic monitor on the desktop version and added security when browsing sites under HTTPS. Oh, and the <blink> element is no more.

Facebook Announces ‘Story Bumping’: The newsfeed algorithm is changing to promote items you haven’t seen from earlier in the day that have high engagement to the top of your newsfeed.

Google SERPs to include In-Depth Articles: Their webmasters blog details how sites can work to identify articles in ways that the googlebot spider can process.

A Facebook Post’s Lifetime: Posts achieve 50% of their total lifetime reach within the first 30 minutes, 75% in the first two hours, which means that timing the post to appear when most of your fans are online is critical.

Web Development

Follow-up on Data URI Performance: Decoding the base64 string does not appear to be the reason for the slowdown in performance on rendering SVG images passed to the browser in this way, as mentioned in a previous week’s links.

Making smartphone sites load fast: Bryan McQuade writes about techniques we can use to get page rendering down to under 1 second, required for good mobile performance.

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