LIS All-Staff Meeting Notes, July 17, 2013

1. Updates/introduce new staff

  •  Heather Stafford – Multimedia Curricular Technologist
  • Stacy Reardon – Librarian, Research and Instruction

  • Brett Wells – Computing Specialist II

  • Susan Simmons – Business Systems Analyst/Administration

  • David Wright – Media Services Specialist II

Arabella announced that Patrick Norton would be giving a presentation on the college finances on July 24th and 25th.  She will send around and email announcement with times.

2. Report/Recommendation from the Internal Communications Task force

Terry presented the task force recommendations to staff.  It was suggested that an LIS staff only, private, blog be created to post agendas and notes for various LIS meetings.  Possible meetings to be posted here would be:

  • Area Directors

  • Manager’s

  • All Staff

  • Liaison

  • FLAC-Faculty LIS Advisory Committee

  • SLAC-Student LIS Advisory Committee

  • Teams

  • Web Prioritization

  • Banner Leads

  • Divisional Faculty Advisory Committees

The task force also recommends that someone be assigned to post agendas and take notes for each meeting, and a moderator be assigned to ensure these are posted to the blog according to their recommendations.

The task force would like to revisit this every 6 months.

The current blog will be used for announcements and content of interest to the general public.

Staff comments:

  • This blog could be a good place to post conference reports

  • Agenda topics should be posted in such a way that asks for feedback

  • How do we encourage open two-way discussion?

Mike asked for a vote to accept the task force recommendations.  The staff unanimously voted to accept these recommendations.

3. Discuss time for professional development proposal

Mike presented a proposal to create a pilot project to build in time for learning

In order to keep up with the myriad changes in technology and library services that impact how we do our work, we propose that as an organization we collectively  block out some substantial chunk of time on a regular basis to provide us time to learn new things.

Questions about this idea:

  1. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?

  2. How often do you think we should block out time for this sort of professional development? Once a week? Once every other week? Once every three weeks? Once a month? Some other increment of time?

  3. How much time should we block out? 1 hour? 2 hours? 3 hours? 4 hours?

  4. Should our entire organization commit to the same block of time, or should each individual pick his/her own? Alternatively, should workgroups schedule together, or areas?

  5. What strategies might we use to not disrupt our ability to deliver timely services to our users?

  6. Would you prefer to pursue this professional development on your own, or as part of a small group of people learning something together?

  7. If you had a block of time on a regular basis that you could dedicate to your own professional development, what would you do with that time? Please be specific about what you might pursue.

  8. What resources would you require in order to pursue this? Books? Webinars? New software?

  9. Other comments/questions concerns?

Mike will send around a survey to collect opinions to move this project forward. Results to be discussed at the next manager’s meeting.

4. Goals Highlights/Next Steps

We had a brief discussion about the goal setting process.

  • Mike encouraged everyone to review the goals that we have submitted ( )

  • We will choose those goals that we want to include in the overall College plan (and stakeholders that need to be informed/consulted)

  • We need to create linkage to overall college goals/direction (two-way: how does what we propose support the overall direction, and given what we know of the direction, what should we be doing?)

  • We will hear from stakeholders who require help from us in our goal setting process

Next year’s goals

How can we build in considerations of next year’s (fy14-15) goals into the upcoming budget process this Fall?

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