Photos of Sicily on display at Davis Family Library


See-cily, by Antonino RiggioThe Italian Summer School is currently presenting a display of color photos in the Atrium of the Davis Family Library.  The display, entitled SEE-CILY,  will be in place until the end of the Summer Language Schools.

This exhibit depicts the inner life of Sicily, a rugged island, rich in history and art. It is a photographic journey through Sicilian culture and folklore, illustrating ancient and cherished traditions. You will discover the heartfelt festival of Saint Agatha, the centuries old handcrafted marionettes known as “Pupi Siciliani”, the superb craftsmanship of artisans working with wood, iron and textiles, as well as the preparation of delicious homemade foods. Churches, monuments and the unspoiled beauty of central Sicily’s landscapes will also be explored. The SEE-CILY exhibition will transport you to places tourists never see. It is a unique collection of forty-two photographs that serve as the nucleus of an ever-expanding exhibit, bearing witness to the sublime beauty and ancient rhythms of this most Mediterranean of islands.

Photographs by Antonino Riggio.   Art Curator: Valentina Morello

I wouldn’t define SEE-CILY as just an exhibit. I see it more as an itinerary, a path through the places and people I grew up with. It is my inner subconscious through the eye of my camera.”  Antonino Riggio.

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