June 2013 Social Media Stats

The following stats refer to activity on the Middlebury College Facebook page, the Middlebury College Twitter account, and share buttons on the main Middlebury College website. For trend comparison, the previous month’s statistics are included in parentheses, where appropriate.

Facebook Insights

  • 179 (171) new people liked our Page, while 44 (61) people unliked our Page.
  • 932 (802) unique people shared stories about our page. These stories include liking our Page, posting to our Page’s Wall, liking, commenting on or sharing one of our Page posts, answering a Question we posted, RSVPing to one of our events, mentioning our Page, phototagging our Page or checking in at our Place. [Daily People Talking About This]
  • 29230 (30180) unique people saw one of the items shared in that way. [Daily Viral Reach]
  • 69940 (80169) unique people saw content associated with our Page. [Daily Total Reach]

Top Five Facebook Posts

“Reach” is the number of people who saw the post. “Engagement” is the number of people who clicked on the post.

  1. Jonathan Safran Foer’s Middlebury Commencement speech was adapted into a New York Times opinion piece. Reach: 9744, Engagement: 697
  2. Congratulations to the Middlebury class of 2013. Welcome to the alumni family! http://www.middlebury.edu/studentlife/events/commencement/congrats2013. Reach: 8548, Engagement: 388
  3. Bike til it hertz: College kids spin out campus electricity. Reach: 8164, Engagement: 395
  4. Middlebury to Launch School of the Environment in 2014 Reach: 7496, Engagement: 539
  5. In case you missed it, here’s a video of author Jonathan Safran Foer’s amazing commencement speech. Reach: 6952, Engagement: 317


ShareThis is a service that tracks the clicks on the sharing buttons on our website. These buttons are shown on news postings, which are primarily found in the News RoomArtsSustainability, and Athleticssections of the site.

Shares By Channel

  • Facebook: 27 (62) Shares, 2201 (4463) Clicks
  • Email: 18 (36) Shares, 226 (370) Clicks
  • Twitter: 15 (42) Shares, 376 (614) Clicks

Data Sets

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