Caution: Recent weather may cause mold to grow on your books!

The weather we’ve been having so far this summer could encourage mold to grow in places it normally wouldn’t.  Damp places like basements can be bad year ’round and should never be used to store books, but even the nice book shelf in your living room will be susceptible to mold growth after many days of rain, heat, and high humidity.  Mold spores are everywhere, just waiting for the right conditions to sprout and grow, so be on the lookout.  If you discover an infestation, read this excellent article from our friends at Cornell University Preservation Dept. to learn how to deal with it.


1 thought on “Caution: Recent weather may cause mold to grow on your books!

  1. Luis

    Quick Tip: mold grows in moist places, so look on the walls/ceilings that are exposed to the outside, or even the areas directly under a bathroom. If a leak happens those areas will get wet first.

    Here are some more examples of mold growth and places to look

    Hope that helps!


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