We are now offering a new wireless network in addition to midd_secure, midd_unplugged, and Midd-standard.  The new network is called eduroam.  If you’ve never heard of it, see for more information.

Eduroam has become very popular at Colleges and Universities in Europe as a way for faculty, staff and students to be able to access the Internet wirelessly while visiting other participating institutions.  It is now starting to take hold in the US as well.  By becoming a participating member of Eduroam, we can offer wireless Internet access in a secure and reliable manner to Eduroam-participating school members without having to have them register ahead of time.  And our faculty, staff and students will have wireless Internet access while visiting at other participating institutions.

You will know you are at a participating institution if you see a network called ‘eduroam’ listed.  To use eduroam when traveling, you will need to enter your full “” and password.  See for documentation on configuring eduroam on your device.

While you are here on campus, there would be no reason for Middlebury folks to use the eduroam network.  While it will work for you, it is designed for guests and will not give you the access or speed that you enjoy using midd_secure.

3 thoughts on “eduroam

  1. Tom

    Mike – Just curious as to what would be the benefit to the end user from another institution in using this new wireless network here vs. just the open network midd_unplugged? Is it faster or give access to secure resources not available on midd_unplugged? I can certainly understand the benefit if there were no open wireless network available here or for our traveling users and thanks for the update.


  2. Michael Lynch Post author

    You’re correct Tom; right now there would not be any real benefit to using eduroam vs. midd-unplugged for non-Middlebury users. However, in order for us to be an active member of Eduroam (and thus have it be available to Midd folks abroad) we have to offer this exact SSID with a connection to the Eduroam central RADIUS server, which will then authenticate to the user’s home RADIUS server. In the future, we would have the ability to provide more services/access to Eduroam users. And when midd_unplugged goes away eventually, we’ll be all set.


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