Friday Links – June 7

Commencement Address
Watch author Jonathan Safran Foer’s commencement thought-provoking address. Then, congratulate Media Services and LIS staff responsible for capturing and streaming this event! And finally, read one of Safran Foer’s books from our library collection.

Google Reader Replacement
Attention, people saddened by the July 1 demise of Google Reader: I found a replacement that I (Carrie) like! The Old Reader. It’s in beta, but hopefully if enough people use it, it’ll last at least as long as Google Reader.  I tried NetVibes but found it wasn’t syncing frequently enough. I tried Feedly but found that within categories, I wasn’t able to sort feeds manually (they sort alphabetically and it seems that can’t be changed). Here’s one blog  (among MANY) that describes these readers: LifeHacker: Five Best Google Reader Alternatives.

Open Access
The fox offering to guard the hen-house?
Jennifer Howard. “Publishers Propose Public-Private Partnership to Support Access to Research.”The Chronicle of Higher Education. Wired Campus, June 4, 2013.

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