POSTPONED. Liaison Discussion: Information Security Road Show


Topic: Information Security Road Show. Led by Ian Burke, Network Security Administrator.
Who’s Invited: All liaisons, Information Security Team members, and anyone else who might be interested
Who’s “Required”: Primary liaisons, please try to attend if you can. Sorry in advance for any conflicts.
Where and when: Tuesday, April 16, 2013. 1-2 pm. LIB 145.
Description: Information Security: Why should we care about it? What are the recommended practices for keeping computers and identities secure? This is a near-total revamp of last year’s information security presentation, and Ian will be bringing it to other offices at Middlebury as well as out to Monterey. Come learn, share, and provide Ian feedback as he prepares for his travels.

“Liaison Discussion Section” meetings address research and/or technology topics of interest to liaisons. They can be conversations, or presentations, or both. They take place most often on the 3rd week of the month, but in order to allow people who work different hours to attend, they’re sometimes scheduled for different days/times.

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