For Managers & Staff: Setting and Reaching Your Goals with

Staff evaluations are in full swing and it’s time to set our sights for the coming year.  Staff…  Did you set goals that could be more easily reached if you had more technical skills?  Managers…  Do you have staff who want or need to acquire more technical expertise? is here to help!     

This small sampler of topics is just the beginning — currently offers over 1600 course titles from which to choose.  Just click any of these course links, log on with your Middlebury username and password and you’re on your way.  Work through an entire course or view just the movie segments you need — it’s up to you.

Need a hand getting started?  Sign up for a overview session,  visit go/lyndainfo for more details, or send an email inquiry to

Best of luck with your goal-setting!

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