LIS at the Student Services Fair

Last Friday,  LIS had plenty of representation at the First-Year ‘Student Services Fair,’ which was held concurrently with the Academic Forum in (a steamy hot)Kenyon Lobby. Mary Backus, Pij Slater, and I were there as staff members; Christine Wemette & Fernando Sandoval Jimenez represented the Helpdesk students. As first-year students came through Kenyon lobby after being at the Forum & stopped by a table to get information, they received a sticker for their “Road map to Student Services” flyer, which eventually led to an ice-cream reward.

What topics did they ask about?

  • Wireless!
  • Printing/Paper-cut
  • In-person tech help
  • MS Office
  • Checking out materials
  • Course hub/Moodle
  • Library catalog
  • Misc. computer questions: Ethernet vs wireless, Mac vs. PC, etc.
  • Misc. questions about student life at Midd

Fernando was quite the recruiter for prospective Helpdesk student workers. It was a great chance to meet new students, to hear how their first week was going, and to learn how to respond to some of the most common tech-troubleshooting questions.

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  1. Joy Pile

    On Wednesday February 6th, I along with Pij, Nate, Ian Burke and a couple of students staffed the LIS desk at the activities fair for the incoming Febs. The questions we received were similar to the ones Richard helped to answer in September.


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