Put a book in your ear (or your iPod) and on your Kindle (or Nook)

Middlebury students, faculty, and staff can “check-out” from the Library eBooks for Kindles (or the Kindle app), Nooks, or other eReaders and audiobooks for your iPod (or any other mp3 player).

Visit our eBook & AudioBook Home, or visit go/bookstogo (go.middlebury.edu/bookstogo).

(Very soon, all of these books with be in our library catalog too.)

You can also download a special app for your Mobile device (Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, etc.) and check-out eBooks and audiobooks directly. Download the right mobile app here. From the app, search for “Middlebury College” when you’re asked to Add a Library.

These eBook and audiobooks are available with support from an ACE/Alfred E. Sloan Faculty Career Flexibility Award to promote Work/Life Balance at the College. So download a book, and then relax, or take a walk, go for a run, cook a meal, or take a very long drive, all with a book playing in the background.

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