Lisa Terrier named Helpdesk Manager – Service Requests

Lisa Terrier has been promoted to Helpdesk Manager – Service Requests. Lisa has been working in Service Requests for several years, and she was previously the manager of the Labs and Distribution workgroup. The other members of the Service Requests group, Nate Burt, Cindy ‘Pij’ Slater and Mack Roark will report to Lisa, along with the successful candidates for our two open positions. Lisa joins the team of managers in User Services: Peggy Fischel, Joe Durante, Dan Frostman and Petar Mitrevski.
Please join me in congratulating Lisa on this well deserved promotion.

7 thoughts on “Lisa Terrier named Helpdesk Manager – Service Requests

  1. Linda Ross

    Congratulations Lisa!!!

    It’s because of folks like you that make me successful at what I do!!

  2. Judy Mayer

    Congratulations, Lisa! And thanks to everyone at the Helpdesk. You are always so helpful, and make us efficient at our jobs!


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