Digital Lecture Archive now available in MiddLab

All 316 records from the Digital Lecture Archive are now available for browsing in MiddLab where they can be browsed with the subject tags assigned to them, commented on, and shared with others using the social media links in MiddLab. As new recordings are adding to the archive, they’ll be automatically added to MiddLab, making this a great way to find new content.

One of the original goals of MiddLab was to increase the visibility of Middlebury’s many academic projects and resources that would otherwise be buried within the site by giving them a central site accessible from the main site header. Adding the Digital Lecture Archive is just one of many such planned additions to MiddLab.

If you have other suggestions, please let me know and remember that it’s easier than ever before to tell the world about your research through MiddLab.

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4 thoughts on “Digital Lecture Archive now available in MiddLab

  1. Petar Mitrevski

    Hi Ian,

    Nice addition!

    On a somewhat related topic, I’m working on converting all the DLA media to MPEG format (MPEG4 for video, MPEG3 for audio). Doing it in batch with ffmpeg and derivatives is proving less than successful (audio sync issues). I am trying an alternate method that hopefully will work better. It may make sense for the two of us to chat if I succeed (in which case all the media may move to another server).


    1. Ian McBride Post author

      Good to hear, Petar. I tried a while back doing some Real Media conversion for a different project using a Windows desktop application. I found that I really couldn’t get the video/audio quality I wanted from them and it wasn’t really worth my time. I hope you fare better.

      If the media is hosted on MiddMedia, MiddLab will display an embedded HTML5 (or Flash for IE 7/8) video player instead of a link to otter/muskrat. Hopefully more of our video will be in formats MiddMedia can support going forward.

  2. Brenda

    I see that I can browse them under Themes – Digital Lecture Archive, but how can I tell the date of the lecture? I can’t really tell what kind of order they are in.

    1. Ian McBride Post author

      Right now they’re in the order in which the items were added to the Digital Lecture Archive, descending. The date information for the lectures was being stored in the description instead of the date field. This has since been corrected and Bryan and Richard are working on re-indexing the collection so that the updated information can be re-imported with the date in the correct field.


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