Sophos test planned for LIS this week

Dear LIS Colleagues,

This Thursday and Friday we will have representatives from Sophos here on site. They will be helping us to develop a deployment package for the client component of the Sophos Endpoint Protection product which we are using to replace Symantec Anti-Virus. As we complete the development of this deployment package and have tested it thoroughly, we will be initiating a test across the systems in LIS to ensure that the package works on a larger group of systems and also to start a larger test of the client here at Middlebury.

Later this week you will receive a second communication about this test effort and it will also include information about how you can help us to assess the impact of the client on your system and also the install process. For additional information about Sophos please see the FAQ  at http://GO/ITSECURITY. Also, feel free to contact LIS Security at or contact Ian Burke at ext. 5368. Thank you for your help and understanding with this process.


Ian Burke

LIS Network Security Administrator

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