New LIS blog category

Alex has set up a new category for use on this blog. “Post for MiddNotes” works just like “Post for MiddPoints”. If you add it to your LIS blog post, you’ll get an automatic cross posting to MiddNotes. MiddNotes is the student equivalent of the staff/faculty MiddPoints blog, i.e. a place for announcements of interest to students. Unlike  MiddPoints, there isn’t a weekly e-mail version going out, but it will be accessed via the new student portal. MiddNotes is definitely a work in progress right now, but it should become another useful communication channel in future.

2 thoughts on “New LIS blog category

  1. Michael Roy

    The other thing to know about MiddPoints (and MiddNotes for that matter) is that they will both be feeds on the soon-to-be-launched portal. And there will be a feed that combines both into a single feed for those who aren’t logged in to the portal.


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