Friday Links Roundup – December 2, 2011

Art exhibit of the day – In an effort to illustrate just how many photos are posted to the web each and every day, Erik Kessels put together an exhibition that consists of every single photo posted on Flickr within a 24-hour period. The result? A ceiling-high stack of over 1 million photos that required multiple rooms to hold.  By comparison, Facebook users post 25 times as many photos, every day.

OccuPrint – Posters from the #Occupy movement

20 iPad apps librarians should download – Just getting started with your new iPad and wondering what to download? Here are 20 popular apps to get you going in the areas of News, Reference & Education, e-Book Readers, Productivity Tools, and Social Tools.

Solid 3D Projection That You Can Touch  – Are we getting closer to really effective volumetric 3D display technology? A new display technology uses cold fog and a laser projector to create a volumetric 3D image. See it in action in these videos.

Awful Library Books – Adventures in weeding collections. They also accept submissions.

Great idea until Microsoft acquires it – TEDx Brussels – John Bohannon & Black Label Movement – Dance Your PhD

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