Tell the world about your research with MiddLab: Now easier than ever!

MiddLab is a section of our website that helps push information about scholarly and service work up to the top. We know that there are a lot of great academic resources built by people at Middlebury and many ongoing projects and activities that not everyone hears about or gets to see. The purpose of MiddLab is to:

  • Tell people about this great work.
  • See how it all ties together.
  • Let people contribute to the discussion.

Any student, faculty or staff member at Middlebury and MIIS can log in to MiddLab and write up a post about the project work or research in which they’re engaged. I’ve just made a change that will make doing this much easier. When you add a new post to MiddLab, it will give you a simple template to fill out.

Just fill in each section with information about your work….

And it will show up on the site for everyone to see. Working in MiddLab is now as easier as creating any other blog post on our WordPress site. I still recommend adding tags, categories and a location to your post so that people can see how it relates to work in other areas.

Of course, I’m still more than happy to work with you to get started and can be contacted at

Here are some other new things in MiddLab that you might have missed:

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