ILL Schedule for the Holiday Break

Due to the holidays and shipping madness of late December, ILL limits shipping during this time.  Interlibrary loan requests submitted to ILLiad after Dec. 16th will be ordered in early January. 

ILLiad article requests will continue to be filled by RapidILL* through Dec. 21st, but must have a valid ISSN and year to be processed a as Rapid request.

For loan materials use NExpress: http://go/NExpress.  NExpress will stay open throughout the break and requests placed in NExpress go straight to the Lending Library for processing.  Loans ordered from NExpress over break will likely arrive in early January.

2 thoughts on “ILL Schedule for the Holiday Break

  1. Carrie Macfarlane

    Thanks Rachel! Just to be sure I understand the differences…

    Requests for ARTICLES will be filled until Dec 21.
    Requests for BOOKS (and other items that can’t be sent electronically):
    > requests made via ILLiad will be filled until Dec 16.
    > requests made via NExpress will be filled until the break begins (Dec 23).

    And, the moral of the story is: get your requests in ASAP! :)

    Is that right?

    1. Rachel Manning

      Almost. Not all articles will be ordered after December 16, only those that can be filled by Rapid, all other article requests will be ordered in OCLC after the Break.

      There is one NExpress school open between Christmas and New Years and working to fill loan requests, but no one here at Middlebury to receive them until January.


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