Friday Links Roundup – Nov. 11, 2011

Four Easy Tips for Preserving Your Digital Photographs – tips on personal digital photo preservation from the experts at the Library of Congress (from LC’s The Signal digital preservation blog)

Mission Possible: An Easy Way to Add Descriptions to Digital Photos – a related discussion on adding descriptions (“metadata”) to digital photos (also from LC’s The Signal digital preservation blog)

Wikipedia is the go-to site for college plagiarists – An analysis published by Turnintin shows that Wikipedia and Yahoo! Answers are popular sources for copy-and-paste paper-writers.

How cellphones shape the lives of college students (infographic) – Students text more often than they call.  Among smartphone users, iPhones and Androids are equally popular.

 The myth of the tech-savvy student from The Chronicle of Higher Ed

Can amazon and Apple coexist?  Probably.  But as for Google ... ” … Rather than seeing Amazon’s recent announcements as an attack on Apple’s hold on the tablet market, the two devices may peacefully coexist. The real challenge offered by Amazon, and by Apple’s latest iPhone announcement, is to Google.  The companies each fired a broadside at Google’s search empire — Amazon via their Silk browser and Apple through their Siri “digital assistant”. …”

What students (at Ohio State) want in their mobile application.

Notes from Mark Zelis of College Communications on Social Media sessions at the #HigherEdWeb conference this fall.

The Mozilla Foundation launched Popcorn.js, a framework for making interactive, annotated video projects. There are demos on the site that you can view. There’s also a very early version of a user interface for making these video mashups that doesn’t require you to know any code.

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