Notes from Manager and Team Leader’s Meeting: September 2011

Here are the notes from this month’s manager’s meeting:
  1. We reviewed and added to the ‘what’s new this fall’ document. (See )
  2. We reviewed the process for goal setting. All workgroup and team leaders will post their goals to the LIS strategic planning site by October 1. In addition, they will update their FY11 goals with a final status update by October 1. This year, we will check in on the status of goals on a quarterly basis.
  3. Mike talked about the theme for the year: the 4 Ss. They are simple, secure, stable, and sustainable. While we gear up for a more ambitious campus-wide technology planning that will start in the next year, this year we want to focus our attention on making what we have simpler for our users, more secure, more stable, and sustainable. While this theme will inform our approach, it is worth noting that we will no doubt also take on new projects that arise naturally either from these themes, or from demands from our campus partners.
  4. Chris Norris gave a tutorial on the latest version of the project directory. The new directory is using a platform called Roadmap. We have agreed that going forward, all LIS projects will be listed in the project directory.

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