Lynda in the Limelight

If you are asking yourself, “Who is Lynda?” then you are missing out on a wealth of fabulous learning opportunities.  Lynda is not a “who” but rather a “what” – it is a video-based online instruction resource now available 24/7 to all faculty, staff and students, both here and at Monterey.  Lynda currently offers over 1100 courses composed of engaging, easy-to-view short videos that, like eating potato chips, make it hard to watch just one.

Don’t take our word for it; try it yourself.  In just 1.55 minutes learn how to navigate the Lynda site and find video segments and courses that interest you.  Here’s how:

      • Type go/lynda (or from off-campus) in your browser’s address field, then press Enter or Return.
      • From Middlebury’s authentication page, log in with your regular Middlebury username and password.
      • The first time you log in you will be asked to provide basic information for your Lynda profile.  At minimum fill in your first and last name; the rest is optional.  (The profile stores your personal video viewing history, bookmarks, certificates of completion, etc.)
      • After logging in, click “Navigating the site” to watch the video.

Bet you can’t watch just one.

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