Senior theses 2010-2011 available online

Last year’s seniors (2010-2011) who submitted theses to include in our digital repository now have their work available in DSpace (go/dspace). Some students request that their work be restricted to the College community, so to view those, you’ll be asked to log in with your Midd username & password.The others are available ‘worldwide,’ and are eventually searchable via Google (etc.).

In the DSpace repository, you’ll also find previous years’ submissions, back to 2007-2008, which is when we began experiment with “ETDs” (“electronic theses & dissertations”).

Submissions are tracked and uploaded, along with metadata (including title, author, summary, subject headings), by LIS cataloging staff — this year, Sue Driscoll. (In the past, other staff who have helped include Michael Warner, Marlena Evans, and Richard Jenkins.)

Take a look to find intriguing research in a wide-range of topics and academic areas.

On a related note: print copies of Honors theses, some master’s theses, and DML theses (Doctor of Modern Languages) continue to be stored in the College Archives, housed in the Library’s Special Collections area. Titles and authors can be found here. Contact Andy Wentink or Danielle Rougeau to view these items.

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