Weekly Web Development Round-up June 6-10, 2011

To give our colleagues a better idea of what’s changed in our web applications each week, we’ll be preparing this quick list for publication each Friday. Not all of the details of each change are included below, but we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments.

Tip of the week: If you’re able to access an image or file on our Drupal site only when you’re logged in, the file is probably in a Recycle Bin on a site you have access to edit. You can find the file in the Recycle Bin and click Restore to return it to a publicly visible page.

Campus Map

  • A new “alpha” version of the Campus Map can be found on our site. We’ve added integration with foursquare, outlines of each building, and soon many more features like course listings, directory listings for buildings and 3D models of buildings on campus.
  • If you want to check out some 3D models of Bread Loaf, fire up Google Earth and zoom on over there.

Course Catalog

  • The Course Catalog can now be searched by building code, allowing us to display the courses taught in each building through the Campus Map.


  • News and Profile items now use a popup browsing window to select their associated images, instead of the autocomplete textbox. This shows the editor where their selected file is located in the site tree.
  • An issue with the video player controls has been resolved.
  • Modules updated this week: mimemail, monster_menus, rss_page, media.


  • The LIS Wiki now uses a Google Custom Search engine for its search results instead of the default MediaWiki search feature.
  • Additionally, the LIS Wiki’s skin has been updated to use the core Middlebury site design and styles, which should make the transition from our site to our wiki less jarring.
  • The Midd MediaWiki skin also includes custom CSS for mobile devices that make the wiki easier to read and navigate on those devices.
  • The wiki is no longer running under HTTPS.
  • MediaWiki version update: 1.16.5

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