Sierra Services Platform Briefing

In the event anyone is interested in registering for a Sierra platform 45-minute briefing on Tuesday, 5/24 or Wednesday, 5/25, the link is below:
(NOTE: the times are listed as Pacific Daylight Time).

Tuesday, May 24

Tuesday, May 24, 4pm (Pacific Daylight Time)
Duration: 45 minutes (includes Q&A) – Registration link

Tuesday, May 24, 6pm (Pacific Daylight Time)
Duration: 45 minutes (includes Q&A) – Registration link

Wednesday, May 25

Wednesday, May 25, 6am (Pacific Daylight Time)
Duration: 45 minutes (includes Q&A) – Registration link

Wednesday, May 25, 8am (Pacific Daylight Time)
Duration: 45 minutes (includes Q&A) – Registration link

4 thoughts on “Sierra Services Platform Briefing

    1. Janine McDonald Post author

      “Sierra” is the product name of Innovative Interfaces’ new-generation automation platform. With the new system, they aim to offer functionality equivalent to Millennium.
      “The launch of a new system affords Innovative the opportunity to take advantage of technology components, architectures, and methods consistent with the times, and hopefully to anticipate what features will be popular and neccesary in the future. Innovative has chosen the service-oriented architecture, open source database and
      indexing components, RESTful web services and APIs, and engagement with library developers as some of the key elements of its new technology strategy.
      The new Sierra platform will be offered as software that can be installed locally in a library or consortium and will also be offered through software-as-a-service, hosted in a cloud infrastructure.
      The Sierra platform represents a new strategic approach for Innovative. The goal is to be more open, by making use of more open source components, but more importantly, by providing libraries access to the data through standard SQL interfaces and to higher level functionality through a full set of published APIs and RESTful web services.

      Many libraries will use the Sierra system entirely as delivered by Innovative; others may want to create and implement their own custom applications in different areas of the system. Innovative indicates that it will promote the establishment of library developer communities where library programmers across institutions can collaborate to create new functionality based on the Sierra APIs, share their work, and to engage with the company’s own developers.” M. Breeding

      Read more of Breeding’s review of Sierra on his blog:

      You can register for a time slot to hear Neil Block’s session on Wed. 5/24 or Thurs. 5/25 next week. Innovative Interfaces is very excited to roll this product out. The registration address is on a previous blog.

  1. Barbara Merz

    I’m signed up for one of these – Wednesday 25th 6am (9am really!. I can post about what I hear.


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