We Have Your New York Times

Alarmed by the prospect of a paywall at the New York Times (“The Times Announces Digital Subscription Plan”)?  We’ve got you covered!  Paper copies of recent issues are in Current Periodicals (Davis Family Library, lower level).  Of course what you really want is online, and you can find that here in ProQuest National Newspapers

ProQuest National Newspapers doesn’t include images, but ProQuest Historical Newspapers does (1857-1922 is here, and 1923-2007 is here).

How did I know all of that?  I’m a librarian!  But even if I didn’t have super powers, I could have just typed New York Times into the “Journals A-Z” tab on the library home page.  For a few more tips about the library page, watch Go/lib (now what?) or consult our Quick-Start Guide to Library Research [pdf].

4 thoughts on “We Have Your New York Times

  1. Nat


    Thanks for this tip. Wouldn’t Lexis Nexis also give us access to the NYT?

    Another question: What’s the lag time for both L-N and ProQuest? One day before yesterday’s news shows up in these databases?



    1. Carrie Macfarlane Post author

      You’re welcome. Good questions. Yes, Lexis-Nexis also has the NYT. In fact, if you look up the New York Times in the “Journals A-Z” list, you’ll see that a few other databases have it too. ProQuest is the easiest to use in many ways. Lexis-Nexis and ProQuest both have the current day’s articles. (However, if you set up email alerts from ProQuest, they’ll be sending you articles from the day before.)

      Did you also see the update posted yesterday? http://sites.middlebury.edu/lis/2011/04/05/more-on-the-new-york-times-subscription-plan/.

  2. Nat

    Appreciate the insights, esp. the bit about L-N and ProQ. carrying the current day’s Times articles. An elegant stopgap until the NYT finetunes their campus subscription policies. Thanks, once more.



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